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Office Renovation Services and Additional Services

Office renovation services through D-Fickler Construction are sure to impress. We specialize in construction projects, so any addition to your current space is right up our alley. If you’re considering an office renovation or an office space expansion, you’re in the right place.

Fundamentally, there are many things to consider when starting your office renovation. Hence, our team is dedicated to making the process as simple as possible. Whether you want to be hands-on of hands-off, our team is able to accommodate.

With our extensive connections and network, your office renovation will be able to be executed without a hitch. When it comes to your next office renovation, connect with our team to learn how we can help.

Warehouse Construction and Large Building Projects

Warehouse construction is one domain where D-Fickler Construction has expertise. Hence, we are familiar with the process and can walk you through all aspects of the build.

Our construction project managers are able to work closely with your team and complete the warehouse construction to your specifications. During the build, it is necessary to consider all aspects from the beginning to the end of the process. That is why we begin every build with our pre-construction process.

Once the pre-construction process is completed, we move forward into the actual contracting and construction of the building. Warehouse construction can be extremely variable and completed via multiple methods, and our team can help you decide which is best for you.

Depending on cost, it may be necessary or suggested to use different materials or strategies for a given build. In addition, depending on what is stored after the warehouse construction, different design elements may be integrated into the primary design.

Once a high-level design is decided upon, our team will continue to work closely with your team as necessary to ensure that the process is up to par.

Have any questions regarding our warehouse construction or other large building projects? Connect with our team today to learn more.

Value Engineering in Construction

Value engineering is another specialty at D-Fickler Construction. We understand that every build has different needs, and a lower cost is always great news.

However, it is imperative that functionality is not sacrificed when lower costs are brought forth. Hence, our team is able to advise clients on new constructions in terms of the most cost-effective solutions for given problems.

If a different material is able to be used, we will be able to suggest that to a client. However, if any functionality is lost in that decision, our experienced project managers are able to tell you right away. Value engineering is extremely important in builds, to save money without sacrificing that all-important functionality.

Throughout our time in construction, we have saved clients thousands of valuable dollars which can then be allocated to different areas of the project.

Greater Philadelphia Construction Specialists

D. Fickler Construction is a suburban Philadelphia General Contractor – Construction Manager specializing in Office, Retail, Industrial, Renovation and Interior Fit-Up Projects. With a wealth of expertise developed through years of building projects for developers and end users alike, D. Fickler Construction stands ready to tackle any and all of your construction needs.