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Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction can be an intimidating process at first glance. However, our team at D-Fickler Construction can simplify that process and take care of the details. Fundamentally, it is important that the pre-construction process is done well – this sets the state for the rest of the build.

Unfortunately, many projects don’t implement proper pre-construction processes before their build. This means that, later on in the project, the builder runs into difficulties that could have been avoided. 

That’s why our team can take the necessary precautions to avoid difficulties down the line. Our pre-construction methods are thorough, and our team works diligently to ensure that they can be completed in a timely manner. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our pre-construction process, connect with us!

Pre-Construction For Your Next Project

Pre-construction is a vital step in the construction process regardless of your project type. Whether for a large new complex or a new addition to an existing building, the pre-construction process can ultimately save time and money.

Hence, it is necessary to have a team that knows the best process to take. Many individuals with a new construction idea can run into questions regarding the specifics around the pre-construction process. Allow our team of experienced professionals to walk you through that process.

Of course, we take our pre-construction process very seriously. As this can end up affecting the safety and overall timeline of the project, we know that this is an integral step.

Reach out to our team to learn more about our pre-construction process and how it could save you time and money in your next construction project.

Assistance With Any Build-To-Suit Project

A build-to-suit project could seem intimidating for a builder or a real estate developer. However, our team at D-Fickler Construction can simplify that process. When a request for a certain build comes in, our team of builders and managers can make sure that it is addressed properly.

Further, complications could arise during the build-to-suit project development. When these problems arise, you can reach out to our team for help. Fundamentally, our team is able to come on-site and assist in new builds or additions.

Hence, in any case, our D-Fickler Construction team is here to help. With a simple call or email, learn more about how we can assist in your next build-to-suit project.

Tenant Improvement Plans and Execution Assistance

Tenant improvement can be stressful and intimidating for any builder – yet, D-Fickler Construction can make a stressful project simple and easy. Our team of project managers and network of contractors are able to make your dream a reality.

When it comes to additions to old construction, the right process has to be implemented. Otherwise, the project could go awry or the incorrect judgement could be made. With our experienced team, we can both advise and execute the best course of action for your tenant improvement project.

Fundamentally, we take pride in assisting teams with any tenant improvement project or taking the lead ourselves. If you have an image in your mind or on paper, our team is able to add your vision to a building or residence.

Connect with us to learn how we can assist in your tenant improvement project.

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