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Preconstruction is simply that, what tasks need to happen before construction to ensure for a positive project from beginning to end.

The beginning of this service is understanding what the client’s goals and objectives are. How big is the project? How much will it cost? What municipal constraints are there? When do you want to start, when do you want to finish? Do you need docks? Do you have issues with your current facilities, what are those issues? Do you have an architect? An engineer? And the list goes on (and on).

Understanding the answers to these questions and many more allows the experiences team at DFC to understand the project goals and allows us to make sure that these goals are realistically satisfied when the project is eventually built.


The design-build concept offered by DFC starts with a partnership between the owner and DFC. This partnership is based on mutual trust with the understanding that DFC can provide a “turn-key service” for the contracted scope of work.

DFC has ongoing working relationships with architects, engineers and subcontractors, which are integral to their design-build capabilities. Early on, the owner receives a formal proposal outlining the scope of work and their associated costs.

Once the scope of work and budget are finalized, DFC will complete the design. With the plans complete and approvals in hand, DFC will complete the actual building project. All of this can be done with as much or as little client involvement as required.


In the “plan and spec” arena, DFC has won many project awards and has successfully completed all of these projects. These projects have included office buildings, grocery stores, industrial-commercial facilities, golf course club houses, ecclesiastical, and a multitude of fit-out work.

Often based on the plans developed by others, DFC has offered, when requested, value engineering as a method for cost savings to the client. Based on these projects, DFC has worked with many different architectural and engineering firms and continues to work with several of these companies in both the “plan and spec” arena and also design build projects.


The construction of the project is when everyone’s hard work comes together and the team can see project develop and change on a day to day basis.

When the ground is first broken, to when the last brick is laid to the painting of an office or the delivery of a certificate of occupancy, our team is with you every step of the way.

We use project management software (Procore) to keep the entire team engaged and up and to date. We try to anticipate the problems and offer solutions to solve the issues. We strive to keep the job going to deliver successful projects not just meeting but exceeding the client’s expectations.


Getting a project started and finished are the two toughest parts of a job.

We work hard to make sure that we finish as strong as we started including, obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy, issuing our warranty and those of our subcontractors, issuing a close out manual, closing out a site escrow if applicable, walking through the building to make sure the client knows how it’s systems work, coming back to repair something which inevitably needs fixing, and the list goes on.

We’re there for you from beginning to end!