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by | May 27, 2021 | Company Highlight

Working as a General Contractor/Construction Manager in the Ecclesiastical arena is difficult for a variety of reasons. These customers often work with a higher calling in hand and have higher expectations when it comes to their construction projects.

They expect their contractors to be honest, hardworking, reliable and ultimately always working on their behalf. D. Fickler Construction having completed both church and synagogue projects alike, has demonstrated that these core values are who and what we are all about.

To that end, D Fickler Construction is a construction company having completed multiple church project demonstrating that we can provide all-inclusive services from pre-construction through to the completion, move in and warranty phases of the project.

Our Church Construction Typical Services

D. Fickler Construction is an all-encompassing General Contractor / Construction Manager. We can provide as much as little from a service perspective.

These Services can include any and all of these task:

• Pre-Construction Scope of Work evaluation.
• Pre- Construction budgeting.
• Permit requirements
• Construction means and methods and anticipated schedules.
• General Construction
• Subcontractor evaluation and procurement
• Design building.
• Value Engineering
• Integration of outside vendors
• Completion of construction.
• Occupancy assistance.
• Close out.
• Warranty work.
• Much more

While these are our significant services we offer to clients, they are not the only services we can offer. Accommodating our clients from the beginning to the end is at the heart of who we are!

Contracting, Working with Our People

We recognize that it “takes a village” to successfully carry out a church construction project. This is why our group is capable of fulfilling every task of a construction build each step of the way.

Most projects take at least one to two years to complete. In the great scheme of things this is not a long period of time but when you meet on a at least weekly basis living through all that is good and bad that inevitably go on in a construction project, it is important that the church personnel have confidence in, feel comfortable with and enjoy the personnel their working with. It shouldn’t be an adversarial relationship with owner and architect on one side of the table and the contractor on the other side. Successful projects happen when it is a collaborative effort with everyone working towards the success of the project. It’s more than just bricks and sticks, it’s all about the relationships we develop and foster!

Pre-Construction – General Construction (Start to Finish)

It’s important that any church construction company is able to fulfill any and pre-construction and general construction needs. Dealing with contractors who understand the whole process makes for an easier build and more successful project.

Some of our pre-construction services include:

– Developing accurate construction estimates even with incomplete or concept plans.
– Task scheduling
– Construction scheduling
– Analyzing building means and methods
– Recognizing areas for value engineering
– Phase work evaluation.

Additionally, with these pre-construction services, customers are able to get a better idea of how the build process will be executed. Having a good handle on the build process before construction starts is necessary.

We’ve worked under many different construction methods. We’ve done projects with fixed price, cost plus fee with and without a guaranteed maximum cost.

Whatever build services you may need, our group is here to meet those needs. Any questions regarding our construction company? Please reach out and contact us, we’d love to help.

D Fickler Construction Team

D Fickler Construction Team


D. Fickler Construction is a suburban Philadelphia General Contractor – Construction Manager specializing in Office, Retail, Industrial, Renovation and Interior Fit-Up Projects.


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