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Your Guide to the Perfect Church Renovation

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Construction

There are many important aspects that go into the perfect church renovation. Namely, churches are a sacred space for worship and should be treated as such during a remodel.

D. Fickler Construction works hard to ensure that your church renovation matches your vision. 

Our team is capable of producing results like no other, and churches are no exception. Furthermore, D. Fickler remains a constant presence every step of the way when we work with our clients.

So, let’s work together to construct the ideal process for renovating your project. 

Ready to learn more about the perfect church renovation? Continue reading below!

The Importance of a Church Renovation

All in all, a church renovation holds many benefits for those who practice there. No matter the age of the church, a renovation is always welcome, and sometimes necessary.

Does your church need an update? Or, is there damage? Do you want to downsize or expand?

In short, these are questions we need to ask when discussing pre-construction plans. To clarify, we collect as many details as possible in order to create your ideas.

Indeed, churches need updates every once and a while. It helps keep the building fresh and interesting for those who attend every day.

Additionally, assessing and fixing damage is necessary to ensure the safety of those who utilize the facility. 

Or, you may want to make your church smaller for a variety of reasons. However, we also love expansions! The more space available, the more worshippers to welcome.

In fact, renovations draw attention. The more attention you draw to your church, the better chance you have at adding new worshippers. Plus, an expansion is the perfect way to accommodate them.

A church renovation for your community creates a renewed sense of devotion and appreciation after everything is completed.

Full Service Company for All Your Needs

D. Fickler is a full service company that will cater to all your needs during this church renovation. Truly, we are capable of managing any of your demands for your project.

With great care and consideration, we review all the steps with you for your renovation. 

Some of these steps include:

  1. Pre-construction- We go into detail about what is expected for this church remodel.
  2. Construction management- As project development begins, we discuss plans and review construction specifics like materials, placement, and more.
  3. Design & Build- Our team works with clients to talk about pricing of materials, delivery, and the look of the remodel.

To emphasize, D. Fickler is dedicated to seeing the job is done right and to the best of our abilities. Knowing that people workshop in the churches we work on makes us complete our jobs with pride.

Churches are meant to be a welcoming place combined with both modernity and tradition. 

Moreover, while appearances do not matter in terms of religion, it adds something special to the building. 

Contact D. Fickler to Get Started

Interested in learning more about church renovation projects with D. Fickler? Contact us today to get started!

We hope all our customers are more than satisfied with our updates. Churches are sacred, and we want to keep safety and beauty in mind when completing a project.

Check out our portfolio to see church renovations we’ve worked on and more. 

As a result, we hope to get in contact with you soon!

D Fickler Construction Team

D Fickler Construction Team


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